What will you do when your baby gets grumpy? One of the best ways to calm babies down is using a baby swing. Just put the baby in there and the back and forth swinging motions will do all the work for you. If you want to buy baby swings you can check best baby swings with unbiased reviews here. In case you wonder what features to look for when making your purchase decision, here is a useful guide for you:


You have two main options and which one to choose depends on how much space is available and whether you need the baby swing to be mobile or not.

 Full-size Baby Swing

– Pros:

  • It comes with large, sturdy frame and a wide base of support; therefore it is stable and hard to tip over.
  • It offers smooth and large swinging motions.
  • The seat is located higher off the ground than with a portable baby swing so it will take longer for the baby to outgrow it.
  • It has more extra features

– Cons:

  • Since it is quite bulky, it takes up considerable space and is not easy to move around.
  • It is more expensive, especially if more features are included.
  • Portable baby swing

 Portable Baby Swing

– Pros

  • It is lightweight and compact so it requires less space and can be brought along on vacation.
  • It is cheaper.

– Cons

  • It is battery-powered
  • It can quickly be outgrown by the baby
  • It has fewer features

There is also a new addition in the market called the baby glider. It is quite similar to a baby swing; however it is you who create the backward and forward motions with the baby in your arm.

Power Option

The baby swing requires battery or electricity to operate.

  • Battery: Baby swings commonly use batteries, especially portable models. It is best that you spend more for rechargeable batteries because they are very cost-effective.
  • Electricity: You will mainly find power cords on full-sized models.

Take note that there can be both options for some models.

III. Swing Speed And Motion:

Choose a baby swing with adjustable speed setting is necessary for the baby’s comfort. The baby’s speed preference can change as he or she grows

Most baby swings offer back and forth motions. Some can offer side-to-side, up-and-down, or round-and-round motions but they are rare.

You may also need the timer feature to make sure that your baby will not experience swing motions for hours when you doze off.


It is a must to choose a baby swing with sturdy frame that is quite low to the ground to prevent tipping. In case of a portable baby swing, the frame must be easy to fold up.

Furthermore, the swing should have a wide base.

Ease Of Cleaning:

Frequent cleaning is not an easy task for parents with babies. To make your life a little bit easier, choose a swing seat cover that is removable and washable. Some covers are even made of waterproof materials to deal with spills.


A reclining seat can provide great comfort for babies, especially for newborns. Make sure the seat cushion is properly padded but avoid too much padding.

VII. Safety Features

These are various safety features available but you should choose a swing that comes with a 5-point harness and a shoulder strap to keep the baby securely in place. A canopy will not cost you a lot but it helps protection the baby skin from sunlight.

You need to pay attention to age, height, and weight limits, especially if your baby is taller or heavier than average kids.

VIII. Extras:

These extras are mostly found in full-sized baby swings: music player, toy bars, theme, light and even vibration. Of course, they add considerably to the overall cost.

As you can see, there are a lot of features available for baby swings. You should consider your budget and requirements carefully so that you will not end up buying a product with expensive features that are rarely used. However, do not hesitate to spend money when it comes to safety and comfort features for your beloved baby.