To do the repair chore at home will not be the option of many house owners, but at least when it once comes to you, you are advised to try it with basis knowledge and required conditions. It means you should equip yourself with full of supporting tools and devices. In some online post related to the issue, such as the air compressor reviews, there are tips for owners to follow for a successful house repair.

  1. Repairing or replacing your old window

If you window was old and having the slits therefore you are thinking about replacing the new window. If you think that the energy savings from this will help you offset cost of new window so you should think again because it is one of the biggest mistake of owners. Most of people always believe that cost of new window has big values because it can help you save energy. However, new window is not the best way to decrease your energy bills. You have many simpler and cheaper way to decrease your money such as sealing all of your slits which make air go in your house will have positive impact than new window. You can try some tips below of us to help you repair or replace your old window.

  • Rooting wood

This thing usually has symptom as window frame was broken which make water and air pervade in your house. Wood has decreased quality caused by paint layer was not painted correctly, contacting with wet weather. Now, if your window just has small broken parts, you just need to replace this place instead of buying a new window. However, if your window has broken completely so you have to replace it by a new window.

  • Bulkhead

Broken bulkhead usually has symptom as having crack, scratch. Common reason caused by damage by storm or detergents. You should change glass or frame to repair your window. You can consider between the different materials as plastic, aluminum or glass.

  • Loose window

You can not open or close your window easily when you meet this situation. Dust and wet air is main agent creating this situation. First thing, you should remove the old paint layer on your window then checking and repairing the broken parts by the new parts. If you can not find new parts matching with your window so you can consider replacing it by new window.

2.      Repairing a doorbell

Learning how to repair a doorbell is a skill which will help you save time and money. Doorbell is a simple electric device which is easy to repair or replace. You can buy the common doorbell with very cheap cost therefore this is not an expensive repairing job. Having two doorbell types is wire and wireless. The wire doorbell is connected with your electric source. A transformer is used to decrease your electric down to low voltage. The switch of doorbell and doorbell are connected with low voltage wire. The wireless doorbell working bases on a small transformer with battery. This is doorbell type easily to setting and it is an amazing choice to replace when your wire system broken.

  1. Repairing clogged drain

Sometimes, you see drain of your bathroom draining water very slow. This thing caused by drain of your bathroom was clogged. Hair, soap bubbles with many trashes after using during many months not only make your drain clogged but also make your bathroom have uncomfortable smell. However, before spending money in order to call professional repairer to repair, you can self solve drain of your bathroom. If the drain of your bathroom is clogged, you have some common way to choose. The easiest way to solve your drain is use a dedicated product but you also can self solve by using some tips of us.

  • Using the dedicated product on the market

On the market, having some dedicated product is designed to solve this situation including using for the drain and sink. This product can solve the blockages which is not too serious without spending too much effort. If you choose this way so you should follow the guide on the packing of product and using follows careful way. You have to attention to keep your room airy and do not forget using rubber gloves to protect yourself.

  • Using handmade method

You also can try handmade method by hand in order to solve blockages in the drain of your house. About tool, you need an iron hanger or a stick having hook. In addition, on the market or store also but the iron wire with special design in order to solve hair and trash sticking in the drain. First thing, you have to curl the hanger so that having a small hook in order to put into the drain. You should wear rubber gloves and preparing a bag to keep trash. Then you should remove manhole lid and putting them at safe place to avoid making it fall down into the drain. Then slowly dropping hook down drain, swiveling your hook to remove trash and hair. Pulling the hook by slow way and you will drag on hair and trash. Now, you just need to put them in the bag which you prepared. Just does it again until you remove all hair and trash.

  • Using baking soda and white vinegar

With this way, you need baking soda, white vinegar, a wiper and hot water. In order to have maximum effect, you should work when you do not use your bathroom during few hours. Firstly, you should put a half of glass of baking soda down to the drain.  After that, quickly dropping a half of glass of white vinegar down the drain then clogging the drain with the wiper. The mixing of baking soda and white vinegar will help you create effervesce reaction which make the blockages be removed. After twenty minutes to few hours, you should drop hot water down the drain in order to push the blockages away. Finally, you can do it again if your drain still is not solved.