Nowadays, on the furniture decorating market has many new materials but wooden furniture sill has important role about value and beauty. For owners who are keen on making things, wood hand tools are more interested in. Some miter saw reviews have revealed this interesting hint about the habit of using wood furniture and related issues.

With important role like that in order to help customer choose wooden furniture, we will introduce some experience about wooden furniture to you.

  1. Natural wooden furniture

Natural wood is understood as traditional or solid wood. Price of natural wood is shared following each level, group. For example, wood in group 1, 2 is precious and good wood such as yew, sandalwood. As the later wood in group 3, 4, 5 is the normal wood as oak. From group 6 is impurity wood as rubber, jackfruit. Classifying follows group or any way also based on characteristic and nature of the trees.


In addition, it also depends on market factor as hobby of the customers including color, reliability, and function. With good woods especially are woods in group 1 and 2, core of them usually having red, yellow, dark brown, having many grains. You have to attention to choose wood in group 1 and 2 because having many fake products glance looking like good wood but it is edited to look like good product.

  1. Artificial wooden furniture

Because wood is a familiar and friendly material in the life space but natural wood source is becoming very rare. Therefore, on the market appeared the “processing” wood, this is a solution in order to customer can own the wooden furniture with cheap cost about a half or lower than product made by solid wood.  The “new wood” products is used in decorating furniture in dry environment as wooden walling, decorating bulkhead, clothes cabinet, television shelf, industrial wood door and so on. Another material has breakthrough than “new wood” is laminated wood.

These wood use wood chips discharged in processing of natural wood, it will make cost of it cheaper without affecting to reliability of them. The wood chips, small impurity woods still can joined wood panels, wooden furniture and dedicated machine device. In addition, reliability of them is not less a wooden board or solid wooden furniture from natural trees. When on the surface of laminated wood is stick varnish layer so face as well as quality of them is equivalent with solid wood. From that, we can use it more diverse in order to create wooden furniture as well as door, table, cabinet. Laminated wood sticking varnish is cheaper natural solid wood than forty percent and having wooden flooring made by this laminated wood sticking varnish.  Although constituted from wood chips but it will not be broken easily.

  1. Trend choosing wooden furniture now

You just should buy outdoor wooden furniture made by solid wood without using artificial wood because it will waterlog and broken by having direct contact with natural environment such as main door, pillar or balcony. The favorite wood is acacia, redwood. Because natural wood is becoming increasingly rare, high cost so many people switched to use artificial wood for indoor wooden furniture. This wood is produced with same quality, size, and color therefore easily to choose and it is not too complex in preservation. The diversity about surface of artificial wood helps products have the efficiency, abundant beauty as natural wood. It also help the designer implement many new ideas.


Therefore, now in housing constructions have more ninety percent wooden furniture made by artificial wood. The highlight in trend using indoor wooden furniture is simple shape and color. Nowadays, age of the owners is younger and this is a factor to design indoor wooden furniture following modern trend. Customer increasingly demands indoor wooden furniture having many function and easily in order to preserve. Because space of the house is restricted, therefore taking advantage of space is important thing.

So when buying a cabinet for the room, customer usually choose cabinet type having ability containing more item, can be combined with the other accessories and having many function in a space. For example, in the kitchen, you can choose a cabinet with shelf in order to contain many items. In addition, now on the market still have the other materials as wooden tiles, wooden wallpaper to customer choosing for their house.

  1. Preservation wooden furniture

When you decide to buy wooden furniture in your house therefore you also should know some ways to preserve wooden furniture. Firstly, you should usually clean to remove dust from your furniture. If you live in the city so the best way is closed the door to prevent smoke, dust get inside your house. In addition, you also should not let sunlight shining directly into your furniture. You should use a soft cloth to clean your wooden furniture especially do not use duffle or hard fabric to avoid making scratched paint layer on the surface.