In food processing, the mother should be noted that in addition to providing food nutrients for children must also ensure safety and hygiene. Besides, the food for children need variety and change frequently.

Meals must meet four main food groups: Powdered sugar (powdered food miles, porridge, rice, noodles, noodles, pasta, bread, sticky rice, potatoes, …), protein (meat, fish, eggs, shrimp, crab , tofu …), fats (vegetable oil), vegetables and fruits of all kinds. Snack to have milk, cheese, fruit. The selection, preservation and processing should be to ensure safety and hygiene throughout the process from best food dehydrator. You can try with this product

Choose Food

Choose fresh food to retain more nutrients and less risk of infection, poisoning. Criteria for choosing fresh foods including fresh meat and fish are swimming, even dancing shrimp, vegetables fresh. When buying food dehydrator, packaging quality assurance must be intact, not been smashed, torn open. Should choose products with clear origins from prestigious brands company with longtime brand, new packaging or longer-term use and are sold in a cool place, protected from light and moisture.

Food Preservation:

Well-preserved foods will retain nutritional value and limit the growth of bacteria that cause food poisoning to children.

For fresh food, preserved in the refrigerator is the most popular way in the household. The mother can wash meat, fish and divide into sections small enough 1 meal, sealed plastic wrap and place in the freezer for freezing and later use. Attention should not defrost fresh food several times, avoid damage and loss of nutrients. Vegetables purchased washed and soaked to dry, on plastic wrap to prevent cool distilled bottom of the refrigerator. Besides, in order to save time and effort, the mother can cook once a pot 3 cups of plain porridge, ladled out cups to cool and place in refrigerator to cool compartment storage, as needed, then get used to porridge cup of cooking for children.

For the food industry, need to read the instructions on the packaging for storage when not used properly. Products that can be stored at room temperature (room temperature), and store, shelves cool, avoid the sun, avoid damp. Products stored in the refrigerator, depending on the type of products stored at different temperatures: the top floor the refrigerator, near the freezer is approximately 2 ° C, 4 ° C between the floor and the downstairs is about 8 ° C.

Milk and cheese after opening the box, then stored at a temperature between 2-8 ° C is the best. Raw food – nine individual storage needs. Note if large reserves of food in the refrigerator, hot weather outside, open cabinet several times a day, it is necessary to adjust appropriately to preserve cold better products.


Fresh foods should be cooked to sanitize and enhance digestion of food for children. Some foods if alive can cause allergies, digestive disorders. With the effects of temperature, carbohydrate, protein, fat, minerals … are not depleted, but some substances such as lysine, vitamin C, Iodine will be lost after the first cooking time.

Fruit dryers and evaluation really is quite new to each one of us because we usually only dried fruit food or outdoors. However, this job often takes a lot of time and also not hygienic because dust can stick around food.

Today I will share with you the features of the dryer portion of fruit to help you understand more about the technology products

If you are planning to buy a fruit dryer or food, please pay attention to the following characteristics:

An air dryer is always designed with floors. So it is popular when using nowadays. This product help you dry all the kind of food and fruit and then you can keep them for a long time. But when using, you should pay attention to the volume of machine to avoid too much in a floor.

The tray design floors throughout guarantee your observation of the drying process.

On the other hand, you can choose a kind of machine that can remove easily and then it saves space in your house.

Depend on your favorite, you can choose color and style as you like. It isn’t too much important to operate this machine.