We can store food with many methods, such as place the food in plastic box, in the fridge, dry them under sun heated or smoke them for long term used. In the other hand, store food with vacuum sealer is also a convenient way. A vacuum sealer that has heated place to seal the line of plastic bag, packing all materials like rice, dry meat, coffee and vegetable. You should purchase a vacuum sealer for your kitchen after taking some vacuum sealer reviews  in order to save time when packing and storing food

So how to choose a suitable unit for you when there are many various choices in the market. The best vacuum reviews listed down here may help you

  • The food saver V3240 :

The capacity of food saver V3240 contains maximum of 12 plastic wide bags. It is also easy to clean-up when the liquid flow inside of machine. The sealer has sharp knife that can cut the plastic bags easily. Of course, the food saver V3240 can not keep the food in fresh condition but it will prevent your food from air, and used in longer time

-The advantages of unit: Firstly, the food saver V3240 is not very expensive. It is maybe one of the most cheapest units in the market. More over, with the modern heated way, so it not spend so much time to pack your food. This sealer is a rather good unit if you just want to store food for long term use simply. It can brush any things, from soft food like banana or cheese to solid things, even a mental can

-The advantages of units: The food saver V3240 is not really solid, it is small size and a little bit flimsy. The heated place is alright but the sealing speed is sometimes so quick, and the plastic bags are not sealed tightly enough

  • The food saver 4840 :

It is a wonderful and special vacuum sealer, because of its 2 in 1 sealing structure inside the machine. The sealer also has the sharp cutter like the other products to cut the plastic bags. You should measure the size of the bags before cutting, with a simple cut slide, you get a bag already. The food saver 4840 maybe the best unit in the market, it makes bags easily and pack food quickly but very tight

-The advantages of units: the sealer is affordable to purchase, you do not have to worry or prepare a large amount of money. It not only pack food but also pack the other solid things such as mental, gold or glasses. Additionally, the unit can distinguish different kinds of bags automatically and cut them fast

-The disadvantages of units: It can not pack liquid or wet food, because the liquid can flow inside and mess the machine, which is unable to clean-up. The food saver 4840 ‘s automatic bag distinguishing place is not always work well without your help

  • The food saver vacuum sealing:

The food saver vacuum sealing is a supper modern equip in your kitchen, which can help you to pack your food quickly and easily. It can keep your food for used last 4 times longer than the traditional food storage ways. You can enjoy the fresh food such as vegetable, nuts, beef and even fish

-The advantages of units: With the simple zipper bags, it is convenient for you to pack dry food, such as nuts, snack, cookies and cereal. The food saver vacuum sealing can seal the bags immediately after pump out all the air inside. You can use any kind of plastic bags with this unit, Both thick and thin material, because it can cut and seal all of them

-The disadvantages of unit: The only thing people worry when use the food saver vacuum sealer is its size. It is rather small, so you can not place the role of plastic bag which is over 11 inches wide into the cutting tray. The maximum capacity of product just contain 50 bag role

The vacuum sealer is so easy and convenient to use, and also be the innovative product in the kitchen. Let buy one to pack your food for long term used