There is no doubt that the rice cooker is an indispensable “member” in every home kitchen corner, it contributes to creating delicious meals and cozy for your family. Currently, the market has much rice cooker brands such as Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba and Sanyo, which is favored and used by consumers. If you are wondering to purchase a best cheap rice cooker, the author will advise you some helpful advice on cooking the meal.


The rice cooker is divided into 2 categories: mechanical rice cookers and electronic rice cookers. The mechanical rice cooker works on mechanical principles, when the temperature reaches a certain temperature level, the boiler relay will automatically disconnect and move from mode to mode doom cooked hot. This pot has 2 main functions, which are to cook and keep warm usual, the price of rice cooker bases from 20$ to 50$ per unit.

Electronic rice cooker works thanks to 1 chip, pre-installed the automatic cooking functions, such as: porridge, baking or stewed, fried, when cooking, just press the button very quickly and convenience.

The selection of mechanical rice cooker or electronic motor depends on the needs of each household when cooking. If your family members are crowded (over 4 people), various cooking needs, you should choose electronic rice cooker. The mechanical rice cooker is also suitable for student body, students of the lodger or small families.


The selection of large or small pot depends on the number of members in the family. For example: the capacity 1L pot is suitable for families with 1-3 people,  pot of 1.8L or more suitable for families of 4 people.


You should buy the rice cooker under the famous brand name and reputation, such as Sharp, Toshiba, Panasonic, Hitachi or Midea. The brand has a warranty and good service, this is quite necessary if your pot has trouble.

Stamp Warranty

To avoid purchasing counterfeit goods or pirated goods, you should choose to buy the rice cooker with the full warranty stamp, label side can specify the source, origin, place of production, time and address of warranty, phone, stamps quality certification.

Design And Features

When buying, you should observe outside crust pot to crisp, smooth ball, ensuring aesthetic. Cover must be tight, sure, cluster (loss) transpiration ventilation, not blocked.

So feel free to choose to buy pot with non-stick enamel because it may be more convenient for you when hoeing the rice or cleaning. Check thoroughly exposed surface midst pot with tray to fit 100% electric, thermal springs are safety factors must be guaranteed.

In addition, you should also ask the salesperson unplug the boiling water to check the bulb (cooked and kept warm), the lever (push button) and operation of the pan.

Learn Before You Buy

Before buying the rice cooker or other household products, you should refer to information on the cost, performance, brand or place of production to be selected accordingly. When buying rice cooker, it’s best to go to the electronics supermarket, household store or buy online on e-commerce sites credibility.

Select The Material Pot

On the market, there are three common types of materials pot including aluminum alloy, cast iron and stainless steel (Inox). Stainless steel pot will heat and cool the rice quickly, pot light, cheap. The cast iron pot will be heavier, heat quickly but lead to much higher costs. In particular, the aluminum alloy pot is more popular as the other two types of pot durable advantages, the shiny surface is easy to clean and affordable.

Pay Attention To The Coating Of The Pot

The type of no stick coating pot is safe for users, however, when the cooking, it is difficult to clean up because of the bottom layer clung burning pot. In contrast, the kind of pan with non-stick layer will absorb heat faster and also helps it to cook them more convenient cleaning.

Consider Cooking Technology

Currently, manufacturers usually use 3 popular cooking technologies including Fuzzy Logic, 2D and 3D. 2D technologies are used in cooking rice cooker base, the lower heating mechanism and around the body help it to cook evenly, but if missing to exceed the water accidentally, the rice will be pasted. Fuzzy Logic and 3D technology are integrated into the electronic rice cookers, more advanced 2D; automatically adjust heating and cooking time, which helps delicious rice, dry, pasty.

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