It has never been easier to keep our puppies healthy and happy. There are just so many must have dog products available out there today. The dog product market is flooded with dog foods, dog technology, dog supply, and many other dog products.

Collar and leash

A dog collar is critical, especially when your dog gets lost. The collar will hold your dog’s identification tag and license, so your name and contact information will be listed and anyone who finds your dog can contact you.

When choosing a collar, make sure it fits snugly but not too tight. Your two fingers should fit between your dog’s neck and the collar. The material should be nylon, and the collar should be adjustable with a 2-piece buckle.

A dog leash is legally required in many countries when you walk your dog in public, including the US, mostly for the sake of everyone’s safety. For the owner, the leash gives them control during obedience training or walks.

Both the leash and the hardware linked to the collar must be well made and strong. Choose the one with a loop so you can grip the leash more easily. Use a short leash at first (4 feet) and use longer ones when you enrol in obedience training.

Dog crates

A dog crate is like your dog’s home. Also, it’s a great place to keep him confined for a while when you’re not home. You can also use a crate to travel with your dog.

Different owners have different reasons to have their favourite types. For example, some dog owners might love something elegant and multi-functional. However, always make sure your dog can do everything comfortably inside the crate such as stretch, turn around, lie down, stand up….

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Dog bed

Even though your dog can live and sleep with a bed; however, a dog bed is designed to offer comfort for your dog. Therefore, some might consider it a must-have dog product while others might not, depending on your outlook on pet ownership.

The dog bed is going to be your dog’s sacred sanctuary and where he spends a lot of time. Therefore, you should consider investing in a comfortable dog bed for him. Make sure it’s suitable for your dog’s breed and size.

Food and water bowls

This is downright one of the most important dog product for your dog when it’s home. When looking for one, make sure you do the research to know which one will fit your dog and your home too. There is a wide variety of bowls for dogs with different prices:

• Plastic bowls and crocks: The most inexpensive. Plastic tends to residue and harbour bacteria, especially where there are scratches and dented areas.

• Ceramic dishware and glass bowls: They’re expensive. They are heavy so your dog won’t be likely to use them as toys. They’re also breakable as they’re very brittle. Some ceramic dishware contains lead, which is a hazardous chemical.

• Stainless steel bowls: They’re the best choice; however, the most expensive. Your dog can’t use them as toys. They’re also strong and easy to sanitize.


There are two options for you to give your dog some identification, it’s best to use both of them:

• ID (identification) tag: A medallion hung from your dog’s collar made of metal or plastic. It holds contact information such as the owner’s name and phone number. Some would include more detailed information.

Microchip: A device injected between your dog’s shoulder blades that stores your contact information. There is a handheld scanner to read the information.

The above are some of the must-have dog products that every dog should have. Some other items such as food, treats, grooming supplies, toys are also very important to have.

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