There are many different devices in a studio therein studio monitor is one of the indispensable devices at any studio. Studio monitors is a special type of loudspeaker – this device is usually used for audio production applications such as recording studio, music studio, radio studio, home studio and so on. With the evolution of technology, there are many different brands, types of studio monitors on the market and each brand, type will have own pros, cons, feature and quality. In fact, many people usually have difficulty when choosing this device therefore in this article; we will help users choose the best studio monitors just by following some simple tips below.

  1. Basic knowledge

Basically, studio monitor is designed with main purpose to record sound therefore technology of it is very modern. In addition, this product also has highlight characteristic about sound such as detailed sound, the fidelity and sound separation ability. As mentioned above, studio monitors is a special type of loudspeaker therefore it also has feature as normal loudspeaker however sound of studio monitor is more detailed, “more dry” with purpose to recreate sound more exact to help users easier when working with sound.  In addition, many people also chose this product to enjoy music in house because this product is very suitable to enjoy music with high quality and it can meet requirement about accuracy, quality of sound at highest level. For example, sometime you can encounter case when you listen to a song on headphone and you feel very good but when you listen to this song on loudspeaker then it becomes very bad – this is the difference between audio systems. Each loudspeaker can create different sound of a song and this is main reason which make studio monitor become an indispensable devices in studio.

  1. Some notes when choosing studio monitors

There is the big difference between studio monitor with normal loudspeaker which is usually used to listen to music at house or used as computer loudspeaker. Studio monitor is designed with the default audio parameters from producer with audio frequency range which has been adjusted to bring the highest quality for sound. With normal loudspeaker, most of it is designed with feature to allow users adjusting depending on hobby of users. You can add treble, bass as long as you like however sound of this product is mock-up and it is not fidelity and nature. Because technical parameter of studio monitors and other types of loudspeaker is different so sound quality of them is very different and if you want to create a good song with high quality then using studio monitor will be a great investment.

As mentioned above, there are many types, brands of studio monitors on the market and quality of them is not too difference therefore if you are beginners surely you will have trouble when choosing this product however according to experts in this field, if you want choose a suitable product then you should consider some factors such as size of room, sound and soundproof ability. Therein about size of room, you should choose power of studio monitors suitably with size of your room. Many people usually think that large power will be the best however large power combines with small room will be disaster. Studio monitors with power which is suitable with size of zoom will have the best productivity for your job. If your room has small acreage (less than 20 square meters) so you should choose studio monitors with diameter 5 inches and less; if acreage is more 20 square meters so you should choose studio monitors with diameter from 6 inches and more.

About sound, you should remember that studio monitor do not create sound better but it can create the best fidelity and accuracy sound. It will describe whole sound which you create in song with a detailed way – good, bad and especially it can describe balance, accuracy on whole frequency range of loudspeaker.  About soundproof ability, if you want to use studio monitors for your job in long time then you will have to consider to this problem because this problem has direct effect to productivity of studio monitors.