How to choose good diapers for newborn babies or children for mothers. Diapers are items that babies and mothers would need to be prepared as soon as the last baby was born. Therefore, parents should learn about the structure of the diaper to be able to know how to choose the best diaper for children.

On the market today there are many types of diapers, diapers should choose any good for children both at reasonable prices here. I will guide how to choose good child diapers for the diaper; moms consult from other people to have the best cloth diapers for newborns.

Diapers and nappies are two essential items of newborns. Diapers and diaper the baby will be used until the age of 2.3 years. Therefore, the amount of “family budget” for this kind of use is extremely large. So why use for reasonable savings and still ensure the health of your baby? Mother suggestions refer back here offline!

Diapers For Newborns

During the first 3 days after birth, the child will go black meconium. This distribution amount is not much, so only use diapers or paper liner close to the population distribution trends play and wear diapers for the baby.

Until 1-2 months of age, babies usually xoet pepper sauce several times a day, on average, from 8 -10 times can, soft liquid manure, “lilac flowers wealth” very little. Mother can fully use 1 or 2 diapers fit weight. However, if you want me to have a good sleep and comfort, she can also play the child’s diapers at night. 1-2 month old infants usually have size diapers under 5kg.

Children 3 Months And Older

At this time, the child has a bowel movement fewer, on average 2-3 times a day, a lot of fertilizer. Mom, can I have used diapers altogether. However, do not buy too many diapers for a while until you are sure of the weight and type best suits diapers each baby has a baby by shapes and different sizes.

Diaper manufacturers are now offering the market a lot of different models to suit each gender and age as diapers for boys, girls, babies, baby crawling and walking … Each phase and various sex of the child, the amount of absorption will be placed in a position thicker than certain. With girls, diaper will absorb as much at the rear or the boy, the child will often pee and thicken the front of the diaper.

In addition, with each different ages, shapes and types of diapers for infants will also change. For infants, diapers commonly used type of paste on either side. When you know cows, two wires are usually glued firmly and definitely do more. For toddlers, mothers can give your child to use diapers and pants to avoid slipping when shifting motion.

All these things you should consider when choosing to fight the spill and can help the most comfortable when closing diapers.

The Structure Of Diaper

The diapers is made of 3 layers

The innermost layer: This layer is directly in contact with baby’s skin surface so the requirements and safety materials, non-toxic be placed on top. Mother attention test material surface and be careful because this diaper is also the only class able to touch us directly.

Theoretically, this class will include absorbent cotton layer to the fluid flow down, it will be soaking up. However when they pee or stool several times, usually thick and absorbent fluid back up into your baby’s skin. Hence today, most manufacturers use diapers are absorbent polymer particle type called Super absorbent polymer and keep the liquid to soak in. That is why when changing diapers, diapers thickening mother will see to the touch and will feel the soft pebbles.

Waterproof: Most diaper diapers now come with a waterproof layer on the outer shell. This layer is usually made of a plastic material characterized.

Closing Diapers To Babies In Comfort

Do not wrap tightly wear diapers too thick and is one of the care experience for your baby sleep so close to baby diapers have better sleep, to avoid feeling wet and do little to change diapers wake up.

In addition, the mother carefully remember, absolutely not use diaper pins to set the child down as it was dangerous when they stirred, hand pedal, crashing into the pins pop out babies.