Strollers are essential items for families when people want to take their kids outside. Instead of carrying the babies all the time, parents can just put them safely in strollers to push along. In general, parents often opt to buy a full-size stroller and an additional stroller for additional needs. A best lightweight stroller is especially suitable to help bring the kids along the family camping trip. We will learn about the reason why we should choose lightweight strollers and how to do so.

  1. What are lightweight strollers?

We can think about lightweight strollers as basic pushchairs which normally weight up to 12 pounds and can fold up neatly. They are usually cheaper than other types of strollers.

Lightweight strollers are especially designed for convenience during transport or travel. In general, they are more suitable for toddlers and older babies than infants because they don’t have much head support and padding.

  1. Why should we need them?
  • We don’t have to carry the babies all the time: we can do a lot of things with the time we spend on carrying babies.
  • We can take the babies with us when we travel a lot. Since lightweight strollers are light and compact, they can fit into our luggage for carrying around. They also fit easier into the car than other types of strollers.
  • Even if you don’t have to have to travel and just run some quick errands instead, a lightweight is ideal because it is easy to set up.
  • When we have to commune by public transportation like bus or train or walk through narrow places regularly, it is best to use the lightweight strollers so that you can fold them or collapse them easily.

  1. How many types of lightweight strollers are there?

There are three basic types: umbrella strollers, car seat frame strollers, and convenience strollers.

  • Umbrella Strollers:

The umbrella stroller has umbrella-type handles, hence the name. This type of stroller is very lightweight and compact; it is also the most inexpensive type of stroller. However, they have limited features and very little storage.

The most basic models of umbrella strollers do not recline or have head and neck support; in general they are not suitable for infants. Other more advanced models can be used for kids from 6 months to 3 or 4 years old.

  • Car Seat Frame Strollers:

The design of this type of stroller is quite simple: a frame with car seat and storage. The kids face backwards and therefore face us directly: we can watch over and interact with them easily. This type of stroller is very convenient when we want to transfer kids quietly from car to stroller: we don’t have to leave the car seat or wake up the kids. Since the infant car seat will soon unable to hold the kids for long, we need to buy new strollers after the kids is more than 12 months; the good news is it is inexpensive.

  • Convenience Strollers:

Convenience strollers are similar to mini full size strollers. They have more features than the first two types, for example they have reclining seats and storage; therefore they cost more – but still considered relatively inexpensive. It is best to use this type with children over 6 months.

  1. How should we choose a lightweight stroller?
  • Size: Even though a lightweight stroller must have compact size, it is suggested that we choose one of decent size with some storage space. A lightweight stroller that is too small is too basic: you can’t store anything, like water for example, or have no features such as sunshades.
  • Weight: Choosing a lightweight stroller doesn’t mean we have to choose a flimsy one. It should still be sturdy enough. The same rule applies for stroller wheels.
  • Portability: Our chosen stroller must be able to collapse and open easily: that is the main point of a lightweight stroller.
  • Age and Weight Limit: In general, lightweight strollers are not for children under 6 months. Their age and the amount of time we intend to use the stroller will influence our purchasing decision. Check out the age and weight limit carefully before buying.